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Voodoo Dolls – what do they remind you of? Most of the people are reminded of these dolls as revenge items, as this is what they are usually portrayed as. They are thought of to be used to cause pain to an enemy. In nutshell, they are scary.

As Halloween draws near, countless costume shops are seen with their windows adorned with creepy, funny, and all other kind of costumes. The one you would like to go for would largely depend on your taste and budget. However, a scary or creepy Halloween costume is something that compliments this festive season the most. This is precisely the reason why most of the Halloween costumes have a creepy touch.

Welcome to VoodooCostume.Com where casting a spell with a fun voodoo themed costume has never been easier.  Voodoo was long considered a “dark art” but it can be all fun and games when you put your best foot forward in a voodoo costume.  The most popular voodoo costumes are:

  • Voodoo doll costumes.   You are like somewhat familiar with the voodoo doll that you see in a horror film.  You know the drill. The voodoo priestess creates a voodoo doll that looks just like the intended victim of the voodoo doll curse, and then proceeds to poke the doll with needles or thorns to inflict pain to the person who is being cursed.  This is a fun costume for Halloween, masquerades, or plays featuring voodoo.  The costume usually has some sort of tribal look to it and is covered in spikes (glued on of course) to resemble the needles being stuck through the doll.  This can be a scary costume indeed, and typically has no spikes in the back so that you can sit comfortable while you are wearing it.
  • Voodoo priest or priestess costumes.  These types of costumes are so fitting for Halloween and you can really spook your friends when you find just the right one.  Most voodoo priests and priestess costumes will have a tribal robe or gown and a high headpiece.  Some may have some sort of mask. You may need to wear face paint with this Voodoo costume.
  • Voodoo doll and victim couple’s costume.  The voodoo doll and victim costume can have your friends seeing double! This fun get-up allows one of you to dress up completely like yourself – and the other to dress up exactly like you, attempting to mimic your hair, dress and everything about you possible, with a twist.  You glue voodoo needles onto the clothing of the victim, fasten some to their head, and so on, so that one of you looks like a voodoo doll while the other looks like a victim.

We hope you have a blast putting together your voodoo costume with the help of VoodooCostume.Com!

So if you are looking for some unique idea of a Halloween costume for this season, but with a creepy touch, then you could not look better than to be dressed in a voodoo doll costume; even if you are looking for a costume idea for 2, for you and your partner, you can very well dress as a voodoo doll and your partner as a victim.

It is not really difficult to make a voodoo doll costume at home, but it definitely calls for a lot of dedication and time, as well as collecting different things necessary to put the dress together. The best way to do that is to buy a voodoo doll costume online. It won’t cost you a fortune, but would save some of your precious time.

There are many different variations of voodoo costume available; however, mostly they would be either a full-on jumpsuit with do yourself stickers as accessories or you can also find costumes shirt with pins & pants with rope trim. To get that perfect look, you can go for a voodoo doll wig and some fake stitches on your mouth.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Magic and mystery are the focus of adding accessories to a Voodoo Costume. There are all types of Voodoo Costume accessories depending on which type of Voodoo character you might have chosen. If you want to be the Voodoo doll, choose spikes for your head resembling the needles being pricked as a form a torture. You can place these spike on random areas such as the chest, legs, arms or face. If you are the witch doctor or Voodoo priest, you might choose to carry several little Voodoo dolls to resemble those you plan to cast spells and torture. A large container with skull and crossbones as decoration can be carried filled with your poisonous potion.

Measuring for Your Costume

Don’t rely on the magic of a guess to determine if your voodoo costume will fit you properly! Don’t guess! Know! Nothing is worse than planning on wearing your costume as soon as it arrives only to find out that it does not fit you right (and no amount of conjuring the spirits is going to change that). Know that your costume will fit you well before it arrives by taking your measurements and comparing them to the size chart measurements in the costume’s listing. Measure your waistline, chest, hips and torso. You will also need to know your inseam measurement for some costumes. This is simply the seam that runs down the inside of the thigh to the hem.

Attending a scary themed party for Halloween? Then forget about the skeletons, zombies and ghosts. Those are all clichéd. How about stepping out in a Voodoo Costume? The thought of these dark arts can strike the fear of God in your hearts and can make any party come alive, with fear! The costume can easily be customized for men or women and can represent various elements of the dark arts. Add in skull beads, eye masks, raggedy clothes with fake needles stuck into them, draw on a little blood if you need to and watch everyone admire you at your scary best.

Dress Up In a Voodoo Costume This Halloween

Halloween is famous, rather infamous, for its creepy influences. There is a tradition that is hidden behind the Halloween, a Celtic celebration that states that late autumn in the time for spirits to come to earth and they damage the crops here and curse the people. Scary – isn’t it? Celtic people used to dress themselves up in animal furs and used to wear masks to chase these evil spirits away. From here started the Halloween. Even nowadays, you would see that Halloween shop windows are filled with more creepy costumes than any other types of costumes.

However, there has been considerable change in the types of costumes and a lot of outfits inspired from urban and modern legends have replaced the old and traditional Halloween costumes.  If you want to dress up in a very special costume that would be able to send shivers down your friends’ spine, then think of nothing but a voodoo costume.

Voodoo is considered to be a mystical practice that can reward the believer with many things. Tradition says that a Voodoo doll represents the spirit of a particular person and one can talk to that particular person through that doll. Whether it is true or not a voodoo doll carries an aura of scariness about it and this can make you steal the show when you are dressed up as a voodoo doll. A voodoo costume set usually includes shirt with pins & pants with rope trim. The dress is usually available in one size and fits all adults. For a complete voodoo doll look don’t forget to wear wigs, shoes and a scary makeup on your face.

With a voodoo doll costume you are sure to cast a spooky Halloween spell this Halloween season.

Voodoo is something that many fear and admire at the same time.  There is just something about dark magic that attracts so many followers and fans.  It has a sexy and cool vibe to it that many youngsters find appealing.

This Halloween delve into the dark world of Voodoo and come out in a great Voodoo costume.  Women and men can find many voodoo costumes being sold in many stores so you do not have to come up with your own.  You can find many styles to choose from and they range from scary to sexy.  Evil can sometimes be very sexy so women always love showing their dark side with a voodoo costume.  Men as well can get that same sexy look but in a manlier tone with the right costume.

You do not have to be literally evil to pull this look off properly.  With just the right amount of make-up and creativity, you can get a unique look out of a voodoo costume even if many are already wearing it.  To achieve greatness you need to put in some effort and the same goes with anything in life.  So why not take that extra step to make your Halloween season more memorable.

People in our modern day re very busy and do not have the time to make the right costume for their Halloween event, so they end up buying in the stores.  There are many costumes that are sold in the same style so there could be a chance that you have the same costume as someone else.  If you are worried about originality, then why not make a few changes to the costume you have bought.  You could really get a great and unique look and it will not take, as much time needed when making one from scratch.  A few changes here and there could really make a big difference.

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